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in the year 2000

I was just thinking about how long that last decade stretched back, and how my life is so completely different now than it was when it started. Ten years ago I was in my last year of college and September 11th hadn’t even happened yet. Your twenties tends to be a significant time of changes, so I thought I’d reflect on exactly what I did. But even moreso I’m looking forward to the coming ten years and what they’ll bring.

Things I did in the last decade:
– graduated from college
– brushed up against Michael Stipe at a party
– backpacked through Europe
– accidentally almost ran into Bill Clinton
– moved to Philadelphia
– saw David Byrne at a show in New York
– got a job
– adopted Franny
– left a long-term relationship
– met my husband
– traveled around northern California
– went to Paris
– hung out at someone’s house with one of my favorite bands, The Lucksmiths (before they broke up)
– survived teaching my dad how to use eBay
– traveled around the Pacific Northwest
– climbed Mt. Rainier (okay, not the whole thing, but some of it)
– traveled around Scotland
– bought a house
– got married
– went to Hawaii
– adopted Porter
– visited some new places in the US, including Michigan, Daytona, Niagara Falls, and Pittsburgh
– became an aunt three times
– lost my childhood home
– learned how to sew
– dealt with my mom having cancer
– voted for the first black president
– went to the Netherlands
– almost learned how to ride a bike

Things I’d like to do this decade:
– be more positive
– make a career change
– have a baby
– become an artist
– finish fixing up our house
– go to Chicago
– move to the suburbs
– make more friends
– work on persevering with skills and projects
– go somewhere exotic
– be a better wife/sister/daughter/niece/aunt
– reach my goal weight
– stop being lazy
– be kinder to myself


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