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oh sweet completion

Bedroom: done! And just in time for a weekend visit from my brother and his family. There’s nothing like having overnight guests to get your ass in gear with the house. Although it was stressful toward the end when we were quickly running out of time, now we can sit back, relax and enjoy our lovely new bedroom. I wish these pictures came out better, but we’re hard put to find a sunny day in Philadelphia these days.

The room isn’t actually 100% done, but it’s mostly set. All that’s left is putting shelves in the closet, new curtains, and a rug. Oh, and replacing those ugly doors, but that’s a slightly bigger project.

I dare say that this was the smoothest experience we’ve had with the house. We took our time, did everything about as properly as possible, and didn’t settle for a color we didn’t like, even after painting almost an entire coat. We completely emptied out the room and covered the entire floor with plastic – a much better method than trying to work around the bed and hopping from one piece of plastic to another, spilling big globs of paint in between. Granted, it feels like it’s taken forever, but I think it’s worth it in the end.

And now a well-deserved rest this weekend.

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audience participation

I have two inspiration photos for bedroom colors, but Greg and I can’t decide. He favors one, I favor the other. So here’s what you guys get to do: you get to vote on the color that we will sleep with until the end of time! Or at least until we paint again and/or sell the house.

Choice A: Light grey

Choice B: Sage green

Please help us!

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next up…

Well, we’ve set our sights on our next project…the master bedroom! After almost two years of sleeping in a room that’s “shabby chic” (to put it extremely nicely) we’re ready to grow up and have a comfortable room to lay our heads. Our plan is to try to get it all done over the next few weeks, working only on weeknights so as to keep our weekends free for more pleasant outings, like beaches, picnics, flea markets, and not working on the house.

Day One: Clear everything out

So these pictures aren’t true “before” shots, since we did actually have a lot of crap in that room. Now it’s all living in the guest room, along with us for the next few weeks.

The closet that’s presently there isn’t deep enough to hang clothes in, so our big plan is to install shelves and make it like faux built-ins. We also don’t want to get in over our heads with ripping down any wood paneling, so we’ll just do the typical Greg and Kate method of painting over it.

Now I need to think about things like paint colors, artwork, new bedding, and curtains that actually reach the bottom of the window.

On tap for Day Two: Scrubbing the walls and trim.